Antonio Primavera

Therapy for individuals, couples, families, and children

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Psychotherapy in English  

I live in a really old area of Coyoacán (one of the antigua y tradicional areas that the government designates as a pueblo originario).  It's pretty much medieval.  High walls of volcanic stone and snaking, meandering cobblestone alleyways.  These streets were made for horses rather than cars. 

Tired of the same old sterile consultorios (especially ones in high buildings), I am now giving sessions in my patios/gardens, filled with local plants, trees, and cats inside my house compound (weather permitting). 

In this way, we can do away with some of the silly formalities of doing therapy.  No secretary.  No waiting room.  We can enjoy a
lovely cup of coffee from Chiapas, Oaxaca, or Guatemala.  We can sit amongst the beauty of nature and commune with each other in a more authentic manner.  This option is only open to a select few patients who I know well, but perhaps you will want to become one of them. NAMASTE!