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I have been working with current patients using the telephone or Skype for about six years, and the results have been very good.  I realize that many people cannot commit to the normal business hours in which therapy is typically conducted.  I have finally decided to enter the new century and offer on-line therapy to the general public.  Please click on the 'practice' button for more information about my practice.  If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.  Billing is currently through either PayPal or Dwolla.   

For appointments or more information, please click 'practice' above.

TelUSA: 617.254.4878

Muro Áulico C+
Calle de Milton 28
Colonia Nueva Anzures

Delegación Miguel Hidalgo
11590, México, D.F.
Antonio Primavera

Therapy for individuals, couples, families, and children

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Psychotherapy in English