Antonio Primavera

Therapy for individuals, couples, families, and children

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About Me and My Practice:

I am an American and a graduate of Harvard University. My psychological training has included Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and Transpersonal/Integral Psychology. I work with adults, couples, families, children, and adolescents.

My approach to psychotherapy is not "one-size-fits-all." I realize that every individual is unique and different, so my way of working depends on the person and their needs and concerns. In this way, the therapy evolves and changes to accommodate the specific needs of the person whith whom I work.  Too many practioners are married to certain, fixed theories and ways of working with a person that do more to validate the doctor's theories, and little to help the person.  

I am also a committed researcher and community volunteer, and I spend much of my time practicing free therapy in Barrio Tepito of Mexico City. I believe that psychotherapy should be accessible to all. After covering the basic cost of providing the service, any additional payment helps me to provide psychotherapy to people who would otherwise be unable to pay the basic costs.

Sessions are, at minimum, once per week, and last 50 minutes (unless arranged otherwise). Sessions always start and end on time, therefore it is important to arrive on time. If you arrive late to any session for any reason, you are choosing to forfeit that amount of time from the scheduled session. Even if you arrive 40 minutes late to a 50-minute session, you will be charged the full fee for that abbreviated session. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Cancellation Policy:
24 hours notice is required to cancel a scheduled appointment. Otherwise, usual fees will apply.

$1500.00(MX Pesos) per 50 min. session (unless agreed upon otherwise).  If my fee is higher than your ability to pay, please contact me to negotiatiate a fee that will work for you.  I can, at least, provide alternatives.  The most important thing is that you get the help you need.  

Billing and payments:
You will be expected to pay for each psychotherapy session at the time it is held. Payments may be made in cash only.  PayPal or bank transfers are accepted in advance.


Like many therapists, I do not take insurance. However, many PPOs and HMOs will cover all or a portion of the fee. If you would like to use your insurance, please contact your insurance company and ask what coverage you have to see an "out-of-network provider." Make sure you tell them that I have a Ph.D. as insurance companies usually reimburse at a higher rate for therapists with a Ph.D. Your insurance company will tell you what your coverage is. When you come to the office, you will pay for your sessions as you go. If you request it, you will receive an invoice once a month that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

I decided not to work directly with insurance companies for several reasons:

  1. All health insurance companies require a mental disorder diagnosis. Many people that come to a therapist want to learn new skills and different strategies and do not necessarily have a diagnosis.
  2. Insurance companies are a big business with ties to the big pharmaceutical companies. They are more interested in their profits than in the well-being of those they are supposed to serve. Often, insurance companies will not pay for therapy sessions unless a patient is prescribed medication. It is my view that most people do not need medication, and that medication (in many cases) is harmful. At any rate, I believe that the doctor in consultation with the patient should decide whether medication is necessary, and not insurance company bureaucrats.     
  3. Many insurance companies put severe restrictions on what types of services they will cover. For example, most insurance companies do not cover marriage and family therapy or psychoanalysis.
  4. With insurance companies, many of your choices and treatment options are limited. This takes away your ability to be actively involved in determining what type of care you receive.
  5. Health insurance jeopardizes personal confidentiality. When a bill is submitted to an insurance company on your behalf, your confidential information is processed by the insurance company and then stored in a national database. Anyone who is involved in the processing or handling of your claim has access to your records and anyone who has a legitimate reason to access the medical database, such as insurance companies and future employers, can view your confidential records. Theoretically, a potential employer or other company could discriminate against you based on this information.

For all of these reasons, I have decided as a therapist not to accept health insurance directly.

All the information about a patient's psychotherapy is confidential.  This practice’s privacy policy prohibits the release of any information concerning a patient to anyone without the patient's explicit and informed written authorization.

After hours coverage:
I am often not immediately available by telephone. Messages may be left for me at my e-mail address: I routinely check my voice and e-mail for messages during regular business hours, as my phone is turned off during sessions. If you are difficult to reach, please inform me of some times when you will be available.

Consultations in Mexico, D.F.

For appointments or more information,
please send me an e-mail.
I will answer promptly.
TelUSA: 617.254.4878

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